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Paint repairs & resprays

Repairing paint on your vehicle can be a difficult and tiresome process. At Paint Chip we can assure you that we have mastered this craft and are able to fullfill all your paint and respray needs in a timely manner. When we paint a car at Paint Chip, we don't just match the colour closely, we match it exactly.

At Paint Chip, we will only accept a paint finish that is 100% perfect. We are one of an increasingly smaller number of bodyshops who insist on blending the adjacent panels on any repair to guarantee colour matching. Plus, we go to great lengths to match the lacquer and shine on your vehicle, regardless of its age or whether it has been resprayed or repaired before.

" Very reasonable prices. Friendly, courteous service. Superb paint finish. What more could you ask for? Definitely, check out PaintChip at Brent Cross before getting other damage repair quotes. "

A very satisfied customer. R. Ali.

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