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About us

Paint Chip was set up five years ago as a sister company to Fastlane Paint and Body Ltd to meet the demand for an alternative to traditional and expensive body shop repairs for minor cosmetic damage.

PaintChip specialises in repairing cosmetic damage to vehicles instead of replacing parts.

Our ethos is to deliver a quality repair to a body shop standard at a competitive price and normally within a day.

We carefully asses all jobs and unlike most body shops we have skilled technicians who can repair where ever possible rather than you having to run to the expensive route of you unnecessarily having to replace a new door or wing.

We are extremely good at what we do and in most cases the cost of the repair is less than your insurance excess.
PaintChip currently have sites in Brent Cross NW4 3FP and Lakeside RM20 2ZP shopping malls where the average repair time is around 4 hours

Instant repairs

We operate a pre-booking appointment system either on line or by phone and whilst we try to accommodate walkins we recommend you make an advance booking.

Our web site is setup so you can easily make an online quotation enquiry or alternatively visit us in person at either our Brent Cross or Lakeside locations.

Bodyshop standards

Our ethos is to deliver a quality repair to a body shop standard at a competitive price and normally within a day.

Our hi-tech cosmetic spray booths include full-service paint mixing room where we can match your paint to the manufacturer’s original code specification.

Our in-built dryers deliver a rapid 20-minute dry time so we can carry out the repair quickly and to the highest standard.

Colour matching
To ensure we match your vehicle's paint colour, all our sites have the latest paint mixing technology which gives us the exact and correct paint mixing formula to match your vehicle's original colour code. We have the mixing formulas for all marques on the roads today.

As a backup to the colour mixing equipment, our sites are equipped with a spectrometer. Some older or specialist paint colours may not be registered with a factory paint code and in these cases we use a spectrometer which via its highly sophisticated software will give us the colour mixing formula simply by placing the instrument onto the bodywork of the vehicle. We would then do a trial to visually check to make sure the colour mix matches perfectly.

All our branches have state of the art self contained spray booths which means we can bake at a lower temperature and importantly for a shorter time than traditional bodyshops. These booths are kept in sterile conditions to ensure there are no imperfections in the new paintwork from contaminates etc and you receive a perfect paint job.

Prep Booth
Similar in size to two vehicles, this is a self-contained pod enabling the preparation of 2 cars at any time. It is equipped with dust extraction to minimise the spreading of dust. It enables the preparation of vehicles in an indoor environment during the colder months of the year. Small paint jobs, not requiring high temperatures, can be done in this booth using an infra-red lamp.

This is an optional extra and is highly recommended when the area to be repaired is very close to another panel. A blend is where the panels adjacent to a repair are sprayed with paint along with the repaired section. This ensures a seamless transition between the newly painted section and the slightly older more weathered paint on the adjacent panel.

Save money

With repairs starting at just £40, our state of the art equipment will give a bodyshop standard finish for a price which is typically below the cost of an insurance excess.

State-of the art technology means we can deliver a bodyshop finish at a fraction of the cost. Compare the cost:

Spray full bumper

Prices are extremely competitive and often under half the average body shop and below the average excess amount.

For further information regarding pricing and availability please contact one of our team on 0333 323 3237 or email info@paintchip.co.uk

Spray corner bumper
Alloys (1)
Spray a panel
Spray a wing mirror
Bonnet spray


Our Brent Cross Shopping Centre location means you can shop while your car is being repaired.

How it works

  1. Online enquiry / On Site estimate Choose the day and time that suits you. We will confirm this and chat to you about your repair.
  2. Book car in Choose a date and time that suits you.
  3. Drop your car Our Specialist Repairers will check your car and confirm the repair areas.
  4. Collect your car up We’ll send you a message when the repair is complete.

How to contact us

Phone (Brent Cross): 0333 323 3237
Phone (Lakeside): 01708 202 284
Email: info@paintchip.co.uk

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