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PaintChip Brent Cross, London

Paintchip are pleased to announce that they are on the move at Brent Cross.
After almost five years our cosmetic division is moving to an area nearly four times the size just round the corner and up the hill located opposite the multi storey carpark between Speedy Motors and the Topsy Turvey nursery on the right hand side of the road going up the hill. Our staff look forward to welcoming you to our new home. We specialise in all car body repairs that do not need replacement parts. We have installed two new Bodyshop booths to spray and bake paint as well as enclosed preparation areas. We have also installed the latest Pin Pull equipment to help with dent removal of both Steel and Aluminium panels.
Drop by and get a free no obligation quotation. Most of our prices are below average insurance excess amounts.

Colour matching
PaintChip sites are equipped with a full paint mixing system enabling us to input either the colour code, which is found in customer vehicles, or registration number into a dedicated onsite computer that then produces the variants of each colour to be able to mix with certitude the colour of the majority of vehicles on the roads today.

As a backup to the colour mixing equipment, our sites are equipped with a spectrometer. This exceptional piece of equipment is rarely found in the cosmetic market, mainly due its cost. The spectrometer takes in light from the paint and by separating it into its component wavelengths, the exact mix of paint is displayed for our technicians to replicate.

Spray Booth
Each of our locations are equipped with at least one state of the art spray booth. These spray booths are fully self-contained and have extraction and internal filters that health and safety regulations. The quality delivered emulates from the fact that, like in most bodyshops, bakes the paint at a high temperature in a controlled environment. This process bakes at 70oC for a period of 20 minutes. This drying process is unique and guarantees that the paint does not flake at a later stage.

Prep Booth
Similar in size to two vehicles, this is a self-contained pod enabling the preparation of 2 cars at any time. It comes equipped with dust extraction and minimises the spreading of dust. It enables the preparation of vehicles in an indoor environment during the colder months of the year. Small paint jobs, not requiring high temperatures, can be done in this booth using an infra-red lamp.

We are located at Brent Cross in Prince Charles Dr

Brent Cross Shopping Centre Prince Charles Dr London NW4 3RW

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Mondays – Saturdays 09:00 to 18:00
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Phone: 0333 323 3237