Professional Alloy Wheel Repairs in London

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At Paint Chip, we are dedicated to keep your automobiles run smoothly, elegantly and economically. Whenever your vehicle experiences an accident, we are here to carry out professional cosmetic bodywork to restore your car back to showroom standards.

The Paint Chip team is formed by a group of experienced and skilful technicians who are renowned for their expertise in accurately and efficiently repairing a wide range of automobiles from various brands. Due to its high efficiency, 90% of the professional repairs that Paint Chip provides are for less than your excess, and most repairs can be completed in less than 2 hours for your convenience.

" Not only was the workmanship first class but the level of service you provided was outstanding"

A very satisfied customer. R. Ali.

The Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheel repair is needed when you accidentally scratched your tyres. This may be resulted from high kerbs, careless driving or cavernous potholes. In fact, having radiant and polished wheels are like having a pair of lustrous eyes in a beautiful face, often the most attractive part about many cars.

Paint Chip understands your pain in having damaged wheels for your vehicle, thus provides high quality alloy wheel refurbishment to reinstate it and on top of it, give your car the extra flare you have been looking for. This is how we do it:

After evaluating the damages done to your automobile’s wheels, the Paint Chip team will remove the alloy wheels from your car and deflate the tyres. Technicians will then use specialised sandpapers to remove damaged paint and flatten over the chips. Putty is applied to ensure a seamless surface. The process is repeated several times for perfection. Etching primer is sprayed to give a shimmer to the silver paint of the wheel and to prevent corrosion of the metal. The wheel will be baked under infrared lighting for longer lasting effects. After cleaning away dusts, light coats of lacquer are applied to protect your refurbished alloy and to finish the whole alloy repair process.

Alloy Repairs at Paint Chip

At Paint Chip, we return your alloy wheels to the same finish and quality they were in when they left the factory. We also guarantee they will not flake, as cheaper repairs will do as soon as the heat from the brake dust hits the surface.

Our alloy repairs services not only recondition your alloy wheels, they also enhance your car’s exterior, getting your vehicle ready for more trips ahead.

We pride ourselves by providing top quality alloy wheel repairing services to all models of cars, completing the task with superior durability. Over the years, we have served countless satisfied customers.

If you would like to know more about our services or would like to get a quick quote online, please leave us your information. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.