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Recognised world wide Jaguar is a luxury vechicle brand of Jaguar Land Rover. Founded in 1922, originally making motorcycle sidecars the company's name was changed from S.S Cars to Jaguar Cars ion 1945

Whether you drive one of the classic Jaguars, or some of the more recent iterations you will want it functioning and looking like it did coming off the production line. Paint Chip can be counted on to repair any cosmetic damage to your vehicle in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our professional technicians have years of experience repairing Porsche automobiles. Our state-of-the-art paint mixing room, with manufacturer colour matching, ensures the highest quality repair for you. Just ask one of our many happy customers.

If your Range Rover has sustained a scratch, dent or a ding that you need repaired, be sure to request a quote. We’ll be happy to have a look!

The Paint Chip Process

At Paint Chip, we know how important your Porsche is to your life, and we are proud of our ability to handle Porsche repairs quickly and professionally.

After the damaged panel has been cleaned, we feather out any paint edges surrounding the affected area. Using specialist sandpaper, we smooth out the damaged panel and apply paint primer to the repair. After the primer has been applied, we again sand and mask the affected area before our technicians apply the coat of paint – matched to the exact colour of your Porsche using our advanced paint mixing technology. Finally, we use a 3-stage machine polisher to return your Porsche’s finish back to showroom quality.

" Very reasonable prices. Friendly, courteous service. Superb paint finish. What more could you ask for? Definitely, check out PaintChip at Brent Cross before getting other damage repair quotes. "

A very satisfied customer. R. Ali.

The Paint Chip Process

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