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For 45 years, Range Rover has been a symbol of luxury in the SUV market. Initially introduced by Land Rover as the first luxury SUV in 1970, the Range Rover has long been a statement of versatility and class in automotive engineering.

Range Rover’s drivability on off-road terrain is one of its key selling points, but going off-road can often lead to cosmetic damage to your vehicle. No matter the circumstance, Paint Chip has the professional experience to repair paint and panel damage to your Range Rover at the fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Paint Chip understands the inconvenience of cosmetic damage repair, so we offer same-day appointments with most jobs complete within two hours. Best of all, our location at Brent Cross shopping centre allows you to drop your car and go shopping while we get your vehicle looking good as new.

After all, your Range Rover doesn’t do you any good sitting in a shop for days on end. Request a quote today.

The Paint Chip Process

At Paint Chip, we take pride in our ability to have your Range Rover in and out of our shop in just a few hours. Our standardized repair process allows our experienced technicians to complete the work quickly and professionally.

First, we clean the damaged panel using a solvent degreaser, before feathering out any paint edges. Then, we prep the damaged panel using specialist sandpaper and apply paint primer to the repair. After the primer has been applied, we sand and mask the panel once more before our technicians apply a coat of paint. This is matched to the manufacturer codes at Range Rover. The final step is to polish the affected area using our machine polisher to get your Range Rover looking as good as new.

" Very reasonable prices. Friendly, courteous service. Superb paint finish. What more could you ask for? Definitely, check out PaintChip at Brent Cross before getting other damage repair quotes. "

A very satisfied customer. R. Ali.

The Paint Chip Process